A.L. Duncan

This Ohio farm girl was richly inspired by the philosophies and voices of Nature at a very early age. My early mentors of society included Classical music, PBS, and movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Not to mention the abundance of material from Great Aunt’s, whose stories of youth and young adulthood were a part of Chicago’s gangster era. Winter months felt like an eternity to a child where the time dragged between observing the cows feeding and watching the same expressions from my parents at the supper table. Thank heaven our hometown had a well-stocked library. I tended to dive into subjects other than what school was attempting to sink into my inattentive brain. Subjects like Forbidden Knowledge, Mysticism, World Religions and Mythology. With inexhaustible interest and not much clarity, I began to sense I could write my own stories; the teachers applauded and encouraged me every step of the way. Until now, over 40, I’ve kept this ‘hobby’ to myself.

Today, I have an incurable appetite to read the classics, study literary essays & criticisms, bio’s, and lectures on them. I also live a comfortable philosophy and spirituality in an ever-expanding world that my ancestors probably wouldn’t have dared unmask in their own by-gone eras of an uncompromising society. I appreciate the ability to express myself as a creative human being in today’s ever-changing and diverse society. And I’m excited to live in an age where the freedom to share aspirations and dreams are observed through the growth of optimism, encouragement and individual empowerment. Growth is a beautiful thing.

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