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Excellence, Integrity and Quality. At Regal Crest, these are more than just words. They represent the foundation upon which this company was built. Since 1999, our focus has been dedicated to producing books of the highest quality and to running a company based on respect. Regal Crest was built by a book publisher. We devote our time and energy to helping authors bring their work out into the world.

We recognize that the manuscript you submit is a story born over months or even years of your life, a story into which you have put your heart and soul. If your manuscript is accepted for publication by Regal Crest, you can expect that your work will be handled by professionals who all share the same goal: to produce a book of the highest quality possible for the enjoyment of an excited reading public.

All of the talented individuals who form the Regal Crest team are committed to excellence. We choose only to work with the best and the brightest, those special few who share our commitment to quality in publishing and integrity in business.

Not every manuscript we receive meets our standards, but if the Submission Team recommends your manuscript, we will consider it with care, and if appropriate, contact you promptly to commence contract negotiations.

One of the best ways to find out about a publisher's track record is to talk to several of the company's authors. We encourage you to contact our authors, especially those who have been with us for a long time. Find out what they have to say and why they continue publishing with Regal Crest.

We believe you will hear about a company dedicated to helping authors improve their craft and grow professionally from book to book. Our team of editors is comprised of warm, gentle people who will do a terrific job to help you improve your manuscript until it shines. And our cover artists are some of the best in the business, producing professional, beautiful art and graphics that help to sell your book.

You will hear about a company committed to ensuring our authors receive their royalty payments on time, every time. We're proud to say that Regal Crest has never missed a single royalty payment to our authors, even when our entire company was uprooted for several weeks by a hurricane.

Most of all, you will hear about a unique publishing experience that is full of passion, energy and life - one where your work is respected and you are encouraged to write more books. Regal Crest is still publishing books for authors who signed contracts in our first year in 1999, and once your first work is published with us, we hope to continue publishing all your future manuscripts.

We wish you great success in your writing and publishing endeavors. We hope that someday, your work will find a home here and that the cover of your book will bear the Regal Crest - the Mark of Distinction.

~Owner Cathy Bryerose

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