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JM Carr learned the value of a story's ability to entice her into its world as a Chicago, Illinois youngster, the second youngest in a large family six children and three adults in their tiny south side home. Whether she was wedged in between her brothers and sisters on the living room couch, or hiding in the quiet of the bathroom linen closet, she learned to block out the crowded world around her and completely lose herself in the stories she loved and the ones she'd make up, but never share.

JM Carr now lives in Texas with her partner and fellow author Carrie Carr, whom she credits with giving her the push she needed to turn stories that she only dreamed of telling into written words with an audience.

The mother of a grown daughter and a self-described techno-geek, JM Carr continues to be an avid reader of technical guides, historical novels, and romances. She is also the author of a long-time Internet favorite, Fresh From The Road Kill Cafe, and her blog, Amanda Speaks! Life on the Rocking W Ranch, which enjoys a readership in more than 50 countries.

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Hard Lessons

June Cunningham was four years old when her parents were brutally murdered. Now as a brilliant young engineering student, she falls in love with the killer's next intended victim.

Irene Hawkins is the estranged wife of a self- absorbed financial executive whose greed knows no bounds.

June has learned to live without family and Irene has learned to deny her feelings. When they come together, everyone learns more than they ever expected.

Publication date: 06/10/2014
ISBN: 978-1-61929-162-1

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