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Tonie Chacon has been writing her entire life. She wrote her first song when she was two, "I Want Mommy", and amazed her five-year-old sister. When she was fourteen, she co-wrote a song at Girl Scout camp that is still sung around campfires to this day. In 2001 she won a bronze medal at the World Championships for Performing Arts for her song, "Mystic", and she has published two albums with original music.

Her writing took a turn when she accepted a challenge to write a story about lesbians on the Titanic. A year later, Struck! A Titanic Love Story, was complete, and a novelist was born.

Tonie is a retired postal worker. She is married to author Kate McLachlan. They live in the Pacific Northwest with their menagerie of pets.

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Upcoming Releases

A Christmas Song

When Marissa posted an amateur recording of her original Christmas song on YouTube, she had no idea it would get thousands of views--or that one of the viewers would be new singing sensation Jazz Henderson. She was surprised when Jazz asked to put the song on her Christmas album. She was even more surprised when Jazz asked to meet her, and asked to meet her again. Soon they were meeting whenever Jazz's busy schedule allowed. Their hearts blended and soared like beautiful melodies in a song they would never tire of singing. But when the paparazzi intrude on their precious time together, Marissa becomes overwhelmed and flees back home. Can Jazz keep her dream career and still have the woman who could be her muse for life?

Tentative Publication Date: December 2018

Current Releases

Struck! A Titanic Love Story

Their hearts were struck long before the ship hit the iceberg.

Megan Mahoney, the apprentice ticket agent who stumbles across an unused ticket and takes a leap of faith to create a chance for a new life and love in America.

Emily and Ethan Westbrooke, American shipping magnates, twins who were sent away from their home and family in order to hide the shame of their sexual desires.

Frances Cheswick, the spoiled darling of the Cheswick family. She's too young for love, but she knows what she wants. And, Frances always gets what she wants.

Alice Pearce, goddaughter to Frances's mother. Her ticket for a second-class berth makes her question her place in the family and in society at large, but what she finds there makes a permanent place in her heart.

It was the adventure of a lifetime on the maiden voyage of the luxurious Titanic. Their hearts, like the ship, were on a collision course with destiny.

Publication date: 04/10/2015
ISBN: 978-1-61929-226-0

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