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Fresh from college with a BA in Biology and minors in English and Chemistry, I jumped into the pharmaceutical field. Two years later, I jumped back out, got married and began to raise a family. Six children and a divorce later, I decided I would rather experiment with words than with animals. While I raised the kids with one hand, with the other hand I worked my way up through proofreading and editing to become a Corporate Division Manager. I opted for early retirement, worked part-time for a while for my church, then just recently went back into the work world as a consulting editor for a multinational, financial services firm.

I fell in love with the X:WP show when I saw "The Price." I had just lost my best friend of 25 years and the connection between X&G mirrored ours. I never missed an episode after that. I discovered fanfic and about a year after starting to read it, I decided to give it a try, though I had never written fiction.

I wrote three stories and was satisfied to stop, until Karen Surtees (kas) read them and encouraged me to continue. Kas' love of writing rubbed off on me and I found a new passion and a treasured friend. One day, kas challenged me to write a story with her, and I couldn't resist the opportunity! True Colours was born of that collaboration. We have written a sequel, Many Roads to Travel, which will also be published. Fans have given us marvelous feedback and we were thrilled, honored and delighted when RAP chose to publish our books. We are grateful to everyone.

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Award: 2005 Goldie Award Finalist

Date of Award: 06/25/2005

The War Between the Hearts -- GCLS 2005 Goldie Award finalist in Romance category

Award Web Site: GCLS

Current Releases

Love Is In the Air

Love Is in the Air, a collection of romantic short stories about love that comes to us in different ways, different forms, and in ways we might never suspect. Whether we feel worthy or not, love is there. And it will find us all.

*Currently available in eBook formats*

Publication date: 02/06/2018
ISBN: 978-1-61929-362-5

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Many Roads To Travel

Many Roads to Travel, the sequel to True Colours, continues the story of Mare and TJ. This work concentrates on the four friends dealing with the aftermath of the accident. TJ needs to work through the consequences of a second operation on her back and learn that her disabilities don't make her a lesser person.

Mare learns that sometimes things can't be fixed, and that all she can do is offer support and be understanding. The story also develops her relationship with her newly found father.

The friends, Paula and Erin, discover that a second surgery for TJ opens their eyes to the need for them to get away for a while and perhaps find a place of their own.

Together, the women work through the trials and tribulations of the operation and the discovery of TJ's half brother and his mother. They overcome old ghosts and discover new depths to their relationships.

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Publication date: 06/09/2006
ISBN: 978-1-932300-55-0

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True Colours

third edition

TJ Meridian, crippled in an attack on her and her brother, returns to Meridianville, Texas, a small town that her father all but destroyed ten years ago when he closed his ranch and meatpacking plant. Intending to right the wrongs, TJ, with the help of two friends, proposes to bring prosperity back to the area by restocking the ranch and modernizing the packing plant. When TJ's prized horse becomes ill, a local veterinarian is called to treat the animal. The vet, Dr. Mare Gillespie, has lived in Meridianville for the past ten years and has seen the poverty caused by Thomas Meridian's withdrawal from the area. Like most of the native residents, she harbors a great dislike for the family, yet she and TJ are each intrigued by the other woman and a relationship develops. Together they discover love and friendship that endures through personal misunderstandings, a night attack on the ranch, and an ecological disaster that could destroy the town and surrounding lands. Culminating in a life-threatening accident that requires some hard decisions, True Colours is the exploration of hope and love and one woman's struggle to clear her name.

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Publication date: 02/28/2006
ISBN: 978-1-932300-52-9

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