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Calvin grew up outside of Boston as the only child of semi-retired, 70s-era NYC punk rockers. He is a transgender transplant to the San Fransisco Bay Area, where he is working toward his PhD in theological history at the University of California, Berkeley by day-and often by night as well. He enjoys queering as many environments as possible, cooking vegan food with his partner, and marathon training on the streets of Oakland, California. He also relishes gardening on his patio, keeping up to date on haute couture, and preparing to write a second memoir of his early twenties-of life after the journey of Genderbound.

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Genderbound: An Odyssey From Female To Male

Genderbound: An Odyssey From Female To Male centers on the spiritual and emotional dimensions of a gender transition undertaken between the author's final year of study at a Massachusetts women's college and first year of doctoral work in California's Bay Area. It differs from previously published accounts of gender transition in its intersectionality with queer sexuality, faith, professional self-actualization, recovery from mental illness, and young adult coming-of-age. It is also singular in that it details the incremental changes of transmasculine hormone replacement therapy on a day-to-day basis, providing the reader with a unique perspective of the lived experience of a gender transition. Anyone considering or undergoing gender transition themselves, or anyone else who is curious about the internal reality of hormonal transition, which is often only discernible to others through external changes will find this book interesting. Above all, the memoir highlights the irony, humor, and enduring paradoxes that have surprised, baffled, and empowered the author throughout his transition. Written in a simple and conversational style, Genderbound is a snapshot of a deliciously transgressive life.

Publication date: 12/01/2017
ISBN: 978-1-61929-342-7

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