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Because of Katie

Siobhan Turner made one very important promise to her granddad-take his ashes to Ireland and spread them along the countryside of his boyhood home in County Cork. His last wish becomes a chance for Siobhan to get away from her life. Forever.

Katie O'Brien has a perfect life in Cork. She runs a B&B with her mother, has access to any number of pretty tourists who breeze through, and enjoys a bit of life on the wild side.

A chance encounter brings her and Siobhan together, just in time for Katie to learn Siobhan's darkest secret.

Because of Katie, Siobhan is forced to deal with everything life is throwing at her, including how her feelings for Katie have turned her world upside-down.

Tentative Publication Date: June 2018

Abigail's Freedom

Abigail was born a slave; owned by white men while still in the womb. She was ripped from her mother's arms at the tender age of five to become a companion slave to the daughter of a plantation owner. She would be her constant companion--a personal slave to do whatever the girl wanted.

No one expected the two girls to like each other. Nor could they ever have anticipated they would fall in love.

But now Abigail is forced to run away; leaving the only home she's ever known to navigate along the Underground Railroad to freedom. In 1851 America it was legal to hunt runaway slaves, even in the northern states where slavery was abolished.

Will she survive the journey during the worst winter on record? Or will a slave hunter return her to the plantation? Will she ever see her love again?

Abigail's Freedom is a story of courage, strength, love and the amazing men and women who reached out to help others find freedom.

Tentative Publication Date: February 2019

Current Releases

Love Is In the Air

Love Is in the Air, a collection of romantic short stories about love that comes to us in different ways, different forms, and in ways we might never suspect. Whether we feel worthy or not, love is there. And it will find us all.

*Currently available in eBook formats*

Publication date: 02/06/2018
ISBN: 978-1-61929-362-5

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Finding Gracie's Glory

Gracie Kato survived years of abuse at the hands of her wife. While her body has healed, but her heart and soul remain damaged.

Gracie seeks solace at her grandfather's home in the Yukon Territory of Canada. There she'll be able to work at his gold mine, named for her grandmother, Gracie's Glory. It's the perfect place for her to start over again.

Liv Templeton's heart was crushed years ago and she doesn't see any chance of recovery. She's never alone unless she wants to be, but never seeks any commitments. Instead she puts all her energy and time into running the family mining business.

From the moment they meet, Gracie and Liv's connection, physical and emotional, is obvious to them both.

Is Liv ready for a serious relationship? Even if she is, will she be able to convince Gracie to trust again? To let her soul heal?

Will Gracie open herself up to Liv? Or will she close her heart forever?

Publication date: 08/01/2016
ISBN: 978-1-61929-237-6

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