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Barbara Valletto has been writing fiction (psychic/supernatural, suspense/mystery, and horror/thriller genres) since the late seventies, and has had numerous short stories published. Most of these stories were inspired by intense childhood nightmares.

She works as a safety representative for a major utility company. Her free time (when not writing, of course) is spent enjoying her wife, her daughter, and any activities that involve being on, under, or near the ocean, for that is where she feels most in tune with her emotions.

Pulse Points is her first full-length, lesbian fictional work. If you crave shock value, being kept in the dark until the last possible moment, and being haunted by memories long after the last page has been turned, then this is a must-read.

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The "Maya Holworth Trilogy" continues one year later. While investigating a lead on a missing person's case, former Sheriff now turned Detective Lea Carlson collapses on a New York City subway platform and lapses into an unexplained coma.

Alerted to the news, Kylie Vinson and Maya Holworth join forces in piecing together the events leading up to Lea's bizarre incident. Soon, Kylie discovers an unsettling connection between the recent missing person's case and a series of ritualistic murders that occurred five years previous. Even more startling is Maya's strong belief that Lucise, a supernatural archenemy from her past, is at the root of the murders.

Together, Kylie and Maya embark on a harrowing journey that challenges their supernatural strength and emotional willpower. They will endanger all they hold dear in waging war with Lucise in a fight to the finish for good to triumph over evil.

Publication date: 01/03/2018
ISBN: 978-1-61929-358-8

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Left with unresolved feelings over Maya Holworth's mysterious abandonment, Kylie Vinson returns to New York and becomes obsessed with delving into psychic phenomena. She is drawn to Sophie Brighton, who is experiencing a recurrent nightmare where a faceless woman is trying to escape an unforeseen terror. Sophie is convinced the woman is trying to reach out to her through an altered state of being and that both of their lives are in danger. It is only when Sophie physically acts out her nightmare, with frightening consequences, that Kylie uses her psychic abilities to gain insight into her dilemma.

To Kylie's astonishment, while under hypnosis, Sophie describes Holworth House in explicit detail. She knows of its century-old past of once being a state-appointed mental asylum, and of the fire that led to the deaths of many innocent lives.

Sophie is convinced her dream woman's fate exists within Holworth House. Kylie returns to Holworth House, and with the help of her longtime friend and the town's historian, a young woman's diary is discovered. The diary dates back to her commitment to the asylum because of her "unnatural love for another woman." Through the woman's passages, Kylie learns of extreme acts of physical and emotional cruelty suffered by the patients at the hands of a demented psychiatrist and his sadistic staff. Kylie believes the woman and Sophie share a common bond, and that they need to unleash Holworth House's dark secrets through "streaming." Only then, can Sophie be set free.

Publication date: 01/04/2016
ISBN: 978-1-61929-266-6

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Pulse Points

Do you dream of a lover who can transcend time and place? Who will protect you from harm at any cost? Or avenge you if evil has gotten to you first? Do you believe in total surrender of mind, body, and spirit for the sake of fighting forces of evil? If so, you will tread a fine line between what you believe to be morally just and what is only achieved by vengeance. You will face your own mortality and thirst for a chance at a higher level of being. Are you ready to meet her? She's been waiting...

The normally quiet town of Verhoven, NY, is plagued by a series of gruesome murders, leading Sheriff Lea Carlson to believe a serial killer is in their midst. Just when she thinks circumstances can't get any worse, Kylie Vinson, Lea's former lover, returns to Verhoven.

Kylie, a criminal behaviorist, has returned to Verhoven to find healing after surviving a brutal physical assault. But when Kylie is the one to find a murder victim, she and Lea put aside their unresolved feelings for each other to track down the killer.

Maya Holworth, Verhoven's newest resident, comes into Kylie's life in an unexpected way. The attraction is immediate and they begin a passionate affair. As Kylie plunges into her new relationship, Lea remains suspicious.

When Kylie discovers Maya's bizarre connection to the murders, she is confronted with a terrible choice: kill, or allow an innocent to die. Her choice will affect the lives of everyone in Verhoven.

If you crave shock value and being kept in the dark until the last possible moment, then this story is a must-read for you!

Publication date: 10/30/2015
ISBN: 978-1-61929-254-3

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