Bonnie Wormsley

Bonnie K. Wormsley was raised on a farm about ten miles outside of the small town of Louisville, GA. She started writing at a very young age and her mother still has some short stories she wrote in crayon and marker at just 6 years old. Encouraged by her family and inspired by an over-active imagination, Bonnie never gave up on her writing. In high school she interned at the local newspaper where she quickly discovered a penchant for reporting and developed a new passion in the form of photography.

After some time on her own Bonnie returned to her family’s farm in Georgia and lives there now with her mother and two siamese cats, Chuckee and Mei Mei. She has one son, who she calls her Wormlet. When not writing for professional purposes, she entertains herself and fans by writing Star Trek fanfiction.

Books by Bonnie Wormsley

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The Cursed Heart 

Katherine Tanner is the captain of the pirate ship The Widow, which prowls the seas by night preying upon innocent ships. With her faithful tiger companion Saida by her side, Katie boards a ship one night with her crew to find something unexpected – a young blonde woman held captive in a filthy cell. She frees the young woman and brings her aboard The Widow.

Katie soon realizes she has a strange attraction to the young woman, whose name is Hannah. When the ship makes port the next day, Katie thinks Hannah will leave. She is secretly relieved when Hannah decides to join her crew and allows the young woman to stay with her in her quarters.

As the mutual attraction between them continues to grow, will Katie and Hannah be able to overcome their pasts and learn to trust and love one another?

Tentative Publication Date: April 2019