Getting Back

by Kelly Sinclair

Getting Back is a revenge tale about two sisters who return incognito to the small Texas town that destroyed their childhood and their family. Nichole Wilson is hit with a flood of visceral, wounding memories when in an Austin restaurant she sees one of the men who brutally sexually assaulted her older brother in high school.

Her family, the Dandridges, were newcomers to isolated Ivanhold and were met by hazing from the town's residents. Between the incessant bullying, her father's wrongful arrest on burglary charges, and, worst of all, the attack on her brother, Nichole has reason enough to hold a grudge--a lethal grudge.

We witness her careful planning that revolves around the two men she knows committed the assault, trying to determine who else might have been involved. Then her sister Andi Vanderbilt also shows up in Ivanhold to find out what kind of revenge Nichole is planning. Will Andi stop her, or is she offering a back-door escape?

Publication date: 09/01/2015
ISBN: 978-1-61929-242-0

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