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Regal Crest currently publishes our books under five distinctive division imprints:

RCE Books
Drama/Miscellaneous imprint
Yellow Rose Books
Romance imprint
Quest Books
Action-Adventure/ Murder/Mystery imprint
Blue Beacon Books
Non-fiction imprint
YA Books
Young Adult imprint
Troubadour Books
Poetry imprint
Silver Dragon Books
Science Fiction imprint
Mystic Books
Fantasy/Paranormal imprint
Regal Crest Books
199 Steps To Love Pauline George
A Change of Heart Jane DiLucchio
A Deeper Blue Regina Hanel
A Majestic Affair Sharon G. Clark
A Table for Two Janet Albert
Accidental Rebels Kelly Sinclair
Actress and the Scrapyard Girl, The Pauline George
After Sunset Kerry Belchambers
Alias Mrs. Jones Kate McLachlan
Amazonia Sky Croft
Amazonia - An Impossible Choice Sky Croft
Ancestral Magic Moondancer Drake
And Playing The Role of Herself K.E. Lane
And Those Who Trespass Against Us Helen (HM) Macpherson
Art For Art's Sake: Meredith's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Back Swing Jeanine Hoffman
Ban Talah A. L. Duncan
Better Together Pat Cronin
Beyond Always Carrie Carr
Beyond the Screen Door Julia Diana Robertson
Blue Collar Lesbian Erotica Pat Cronin, Verda Foster
Breaking Jaie Renée Bess
Butch Girls Can Fix Anything Paula Offutt
Butterfly Moments, The Renée Bess
Casa Parisi Janet Albert
Chameleon, The Brenda Adcock
Chaos Beneath the Moonbeams Sharon G. Clark
Chosen, The Verda Foster
Christmas Crush Kate McLachlan
Cognate Cleo Dare
Colder Than Ice Helen (HM) Macpherson
Collateral Damage Dakota Hudson
Credit Worthy Jeanine Hoffman
Destination Alara S. Y. Thompson
Destiny's Bridge Carrie Carr
Diving Into the Turn Carrie Carr
Everlong Barbara Valletto
Eye of the Storm Melissa Good
Faith's Crossing Carrie Carr
Faultless Cleo Dare
Finding Gracie's Glory Patty Schramm
First Lady T. Novan, Blayne Cooper
Fletcher, The - Book One in the Arrow of Artemis series K. Aten
Fractured Futures S. Y. Thompson
Fragrance of Reflection, The A. L. Duncan
Fresh Start Nita Round
Game of Denial, The Brenda Adcock
Gardener of Aria Manor, The A. L. Duncan
Genderbound: An Odyssey From Female To Male Calvin Payne-Taylor
Getting Back Kelly Sinclair
Ghost of Emily Tapper, The Nita Round
Gift of the Redeemer Brenda Adcock
Gift, The Verda Foster
Glimpses of a Fractured Soul Mercedes Lewis
Going Coastal Jane DiLucchio
Going, Going, Gone: Susie's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Gospel Nat Burns
Hanging Offense Cleo Dare
Hard Lessons J.M. Carr
Heart of the Mountain, The Brenda Adcock
Heart's Desire, The Anna Furtado
Heart's Longing, The Anna Furtado
Heart's Resolve Carrie Carr
Heart's Strength, The Anna Furtado
Hearts, Dead and Alive Kate McLachlan
Hope's Path Carrie Carr
Hurricane Watch Melissa Good
If the Wind Were A Woman Kelly Sinclair
Illusive Witness S. Y. Thompson
In the Midnight Hour Brenda Adcock
Incident At Elder Creek Anna Furtado
Into the Mist Sharon G. Clark
It's Elementary Jennifer Jackson
It's Elementary, Too Jennifer Jackson
Jess Pauline George
Just Beyond the Shining River Lynnette Beers
Knight's Sacrifice Nita Round
Lauren's Manifesto Carole Avalon
Leave of Absence Renée Bess
Leaving Normal: Adventures In Gender Rae Theodore
Lesser Prophets Kelly Sinclair
Light of Day, The Lynne Norris
Lights & Sirens Jeanine Hoffman
Limbo Barbara Valletto
Lindsay versus the Marauders J. S. Frankel
Lindsay, Jo and the Tree of Forever J. S. Frankel
Lindsay, Jo and the Well of Nevermore J. S. Frankel
Love Another Day Regina Hanel
Love Is In the Air Patty Schramm, Nann Dunne
Love's Journey Carrie Carr
Love's Redemption Helen (HM) Macpherson
Madam President T. Novan, Blayne Cooper
Magic Found In Chaos, The Sharon G. Clark
Many Roads To Travel Karen Surtees, Nann Dunne
Memory Hunters Jennifer Jackson
Mountain Rescue: On the Edge Sky Croft
Mountain Rescue: The Ascent Sky Croft
Moving Target Melissa Good
Murder and the Hurdy Gurdy Girl Kate McLachlan
Natural Order Moondancer Drake
Now You See Me S. Y. Thompson
Of Sea and Stars Melissa Good
One Promise Lynne Norris
Other Mrs. Champion, The Brenda Adcock
Out At Home: Book Five in the Clarksonville Series Barbara L. Clanton
Out of Left Field: Marlee's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Partners - Book Two Melissa Good
Partners-Book One Melissa Good
Picking Up the Pieces Brenda Adcock
Pipeline 10th Anniversary Edition Brenda Adcock
Piperton Carrie Carr
Potential Heather Jane
Pulse Points Barbara Valletto
Quite An Undertaking: Devon's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Re: Building Sasha Renée Bess
Red Sky At Morning Melissa Good
Redress of Grievances Brenda Adcock
Reflections of Fate Pat Cronin
Reiko's Garden Brenda Adcock
Relationships Can Be Murder Jane DiLucchio
Rescue At Inspiration Point Kate McLachlan
Return of an Impetuous Pilot Kate McLachlan
Rip Van Dyke Kate McLachlan
Roberta's Fire Kelly Sinclair
Rules of the Road K. Aten
Rules, The Renée Bess
Sanctuary Lynne Norris
Scythian Fields, Part One A. L. Duncan
Scythian Fields, Part Two A. L. Duncan
Sea Hawk, The Brenda Adcock
Second Chances Lynne Norris
Secrets of Angels A. L. Duncan
Shadow Magic Moondancer Drake
Shadowstalkers Sky Croft
Soiled Dove Brenda Adcock
Souls' Rescue Pat Cronin
Southern Stars Melissa Good
Speakeasy, Speak Love Sharon G. Clark
Stealing Second: Sam's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Storm Surge, Book One Melissa Good
Storm Surge, Book Two Melissa Good
Stormy Waters Melissa Good
Stranger Than Fiction Jeanine Hoffman
Strength In Numbers Jeanine Hoffman
Strength of the Heart Carrie Carr
Struck! A Titanic Love Story Tonie Chacon
Teaching Can Be Murder Jane DiLucchio
Tears Don't Become Me 10th Anniversary Edition Sharon G. Clark
Ten Little Lesbians Kate McLachlan
Terrors of the High Seas Melissa Good
These Dreams Verda Foster
Thicker Than Water Melissa Good
Thy Neighbor's Wife Georgia Beers
To Dream Paula Offutt
To Sleep Paula Offutt
Tools of Ignorance: Lisa's Story Barbara L. Clanton
Tools of the Devil: Book Six in the Clarksonville Series Barbara L. Clanton
Tremble and Burn Anna Furtado
Tropical Convergence Melissa Good
Tropical Storm Melissa Good
True Colours Karen Surtees, Nann Dunne
Trust Our Tomorrows Carrie Carr
Truth or Fiction Jeanine Hoffman
Tunnel Vision Brenda Adcock
Turning the Page Georgia Beers
Twenty-four Days Janet Albert
Twisted J. S. Frankel
Under Devil's Snare S. Y. Thompson
Under the Midnight Cloak S. Y. Thompson
Untouchable Brenda Adcock
Vacations Can Be Murder Jane DiLucchio
What She Saw J. S. Frankel
White Dragon Regina Hanel
White Roses Calling Dakota Hudson
Winds of Change-Book One Melissa Good
Winds of Change-Book Two Melissa Good
Wittering Way, The Nat Burns
Woeful Pines S. Y. Thompson
Women In Sports: Sweaty, Sexy and Hot, Oh My! Pat Cronin, Verda Foster
Women In Uniform: Medics and Soldiers and Cops, Oh My! Pat Cronin, Verda Foster

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