Carrie Carr

Carrie Carr calls herself a “true Texan.” She was born in the Lone Star State in the early sixties and has never strayed far from home. Currently a resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, she lives with her partner of 10+ years, Jan, whom she legally married in Toronto in September 2003.

As a technical school graduate and a quiet introvert, publishing her fiction-lesbian-based books-was something she never expected. She says, “Living on a farm probably influenced me the most because I had to use my imagination for recreation. I made up stories for myself, and my only regret is that I didn’t save the ones I had written down and hidden away when I was growing up.” Her writing also brought Carrie her greatest joy – her wife, who wrote her when she posted Destiny’s Bridge online. They’ve been together ever since. When Carrie’s not writing, she spends her time keeping up with their four dogs and geocaching.

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