Helen Macpherson

Born and living in Australia, Helen currently resides in one of the lovely leafy suburbs of Canberra. After over 33 years in the Australian Regular Army, she is now retired, and happily spends her days as house spouse to her partner of 26 years, Kate. When she isn’t engaged in her favourite hobby of cooking (and the eating which necessarily follows), she spends her time travelling, reading, writing and finally paying sufficient focus on completing her family history. Helen has always had a love of writing and poetry, completing her first body of work–a piece of poetry, at 15. Once an active sportswoman, she is now an avid spectator rather than participant. For any questions or comments, Helen can be reached at hmac65@hotmail.com .

Books by Helen Macpherson

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Revolving Doors

After the death of her parents, Rhiannon Sharp is forced to leave her home in the peaceful southern highlands of New South Wales in favour of the north shores of Sydney. Living with her aunt, she struggles to find her niche in the all-girls school she attends. In her final schooling year tragedy strikes again, forcing her to seek solace in the unlikeliest of places.

Angela Drayton has one primary goal during her schooling years–to be the best classical pianist she can be. Her life is driven by her ambition to gain entry to the Australasian Conservatorium of Music, and the potential opportunities such a successful entree presents. Casting friendships to one side, she settles instead to solely dedicate herself to achieving her aim. That is until a chance meeting with Rhiannon.

In the present day, Rhiannon is a businesswoman of note, who has spent the better part of her adult life crossing the globe, applying her multi-faceted and highly sought-after skills wherever they were needed. Having secured a contract closer to home, she returns to Australia after an extended overseas sojourn, to work in Sydney. Despite the success which has come naturally to her in the professional world, a key part of her life is missing. Having let it slip through her fingers some twenty years ago, she is eager to see if she can at last get resolution.

Angela is a concert pianist, feted throughout the world for her depth of passion when performing. Her life is testimony of her dedication to her art and she has, in turn, reaped the benefits of her success. However, it is accomplishment and recognition which has come at great cost to her personal life. On an extended sabbatical, after the birth of her son, she lives in Sydney, her life sufficiently full and yet strangely empty.

A twenty-year school reunion creates the perfect opportunity for Rhiannon to finally gain answers to the questions she has waited far too long to ask. But will she get them? Will she, at last, be able to pick up from where she never really managed to start?

Revolving Doors is the story of Rhiannon and Angela, and the trials and tribulations they face in attempting to find their place in each other’s lives.

Publication Date TBD