Hope A. Milam

Hope A. Milam lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her wife, their daughter, three dogs and a cat. Hope would like the menagerie to be larger, but her wife is adamant that they limit the number of dogs to one dog per person.  The cat is lagniappe. 


Hope is a very passionate Saints fan, having followed the team since she understood what football was. Hope also is an affirmed geek and spends time educating her daughter on Star Wars and comic books. Attempts to assimilate the wife have failed, but their relationship remains strong despite that.

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Welcome Home, Bailey


Bailey Cooper is a guitarist in a metal/punk band. With the band on an extended break, the 43 year old has nothing but time on her hands and a bad case of writer’s block. A call for wedding help brings her home to Bayview, her hometown.


While Bailey has mastered her inner demons, she’s never come to terms with a lot of things she keeps buried in Bayview. This trip home will force her to face her mother, her parentage, the results of her actions and Beth, her one true love. 


Tentative Publication Date TBA