Mildred Gail Digby

Mildred Gail Digby was born and educated in Canada and now does not use her BSc in Geology to teach ESL in Japan. However her studies do come in handy when doing “earthquake surfing” which consists of shaking booty during P waves and panicking during S waves.

She shares her non-angst-filled life with her wife of nearly ten years where the most excitement they have is deciding where to eat and forgetting where they parked their bicycles. M.G. is a sucker for oddball characters, opposites attract, and women getting what (and who) they want. She will squeeze a happy ending out of anything and is not above the occasional corny joke.

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Hidden in the basement of a medical university’s archives, Linsday Ryan is invisible and she likes it that way. She moonlights as a pro mah-jong player online, concealed behind avatars and assumed profiles. Her identity is safe until her boss puts her on the team to represent their club—live on national television.

Dr. Gwen Mukherjee brings further chaos to Lindsay’s life with the suspicion that a chemical company is targeting their university to test a new compound that makes people into soft-minded drones. Inexorably attracted to the odd but charismatic doctor, Lindsay can’t keep her distance from Gwen. She gets too close and is pulled into the conspiracy theory only to end up as a target in Gwen’s stead.

With the chemical company out for her blood, the police hot on her trail, and her TV debut breathing down her neck, Lindsay is headed for the spotlight whether she likes it or not.


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