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Regal Crest does not accept simultaneous submissions

*Please note we are not currently accepting poetry submissions.*

Guidelines and Information about Non-Fiction Book Submission
Regal Crest Enterprises accepts unsolicited submissions directly from authors. First we want a query, then we will ask for a proposal if the query piqued our interest.

We know how important it is to respond quickly to authors, so we attempt to respond to query letters within two weeks. When we like a query and request a proposal, we try to evaluate and respond within six to eight weeks so that the writer is not left hanging.

What RCE is looking for:
Topics of interest to LGBTQI readers as well including. but not  limited to, humor, popular culture, current events and politics, psychology, erotica, education, health, sports, travel, pets, biography and memoir, social issues, and history. We are also interested in anthologies and How-To books (such as writing instruction), and depending upon the approach, we may also be interested in topics in the fields of business, sociology, and religion.

If you have a project you think is suitable for our list, please send a query letter and a complete proposal.

What RCE Will Not Publish:

  • Academic essays or essays about obscure writers
  • Collections of book reviews
  • Fleeting topical issues of the moment
  • Personal travelogues or non-memoir travel writing without narrative structure
  • Pornography (This not only applies to pornography as a genre, but also the use of sex and violence to sell books and includes violence, sexual or otherwise, or pornographic violation of any kind against men, women, children, or animals)
  • Anything of a racist, sexist, or homophobic nature

Factors We Consider for Non-Fiction Submissions

Is the concept presented clearly ?
While we don't expect perfection, we do expect that the ideas for your book be thought out well and carefully described. Your ability to conceptualize and share the vision is very important.

Is the proposal well written, indicating that the writer has a style of his or her own along with good writing skills?
Style isn't everything, but your ability to craft a cogent proposal goes a long way toward showing us that you can create a compelling and interesting book.

Will the book be entertaining, interesting, and/or guaranteed to provide information or facts that people simply must know?
If the book is entertaining or compelling or groundbreaking, we have a better chance of catching the public's interest.

Has the book been (or will it be) well-researched and accurately written?
Facts and accuracy are critical. Historical details, quotations from experts in the field, and the use of primary resources must be credited properly. RCE stands by our books, and we want to publish non-fiction of the very highest quality. At the same time, any writers of non-fiction have biases or perspectives, and it's important to make that clear up front. We tend to shy away from polemical writing, but non-fiction on a mission is always acceptable.

Is the timeline for delivery reasonable enough to ensure that the author will submit an acceptable manuscript?
It's important that the writer follow through with the writing of the complete manuscript and then with submitting it in a timely manner. Also, the condition of the submitted manuscript is a critical factor in whether it's accepted for publication so the writer needs enough time to finish.

Does your book fit the RCE of list?
Not only do we wish to publish non-fiction that falls within our editors' interests and skills, but we also want our non-fiction works to appeal to the largest audience possible. We may find that your proposal is dynamite, but if we're already saturated with similar books, we may not be able to accept a work at this time.

And finally, is there something about the topic that gets everyone all excited?
If the submissions team is all a-quiver about the proposal that you have submitted, we suspect that the general public will be as well.

Electronic Submissions (E-mail) is Required

Unless you are specifically asked to mail us hard-copy materials, all initial submissions must be made by e-mail. Unsolicited hard-copy queries proposals will be discarded and not evaluated.

While this hard-line approach may seem harsh, the fact is that RCE uses electronic tools extensively. For instance, when it comes time to edit your work, the edit will use the Track Changes process found in modern word processing programs. If an author does not have access to or aptitude with e-mail and word processing tools, they will not be a good fit for the production process at RCE.

Three Steps to a Non-fiction Book Proposal for RCE

Submission Tools:

• Submission Guidelines
• Helpful Hints
• If Your Manuscript is Accepted

Submission Tools:

• Submission Guidelines
• Helpful Hints
• If Your Manuscript is Accepted

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