Relationships Can Be Murder

Relationships Can Be Murder. That’s what Diega DelValle concludes when she finds herself alienated from her lover because of her affair with Sheila Shelbourne, Los Angeles TV newscaster and woman-about-town. Diega’s woes only increase when Sheila is found beaten to death and the police focus their investigations upon her.

Diega summons help from her three best buddies, Tully, Felicia, and Jenny. Together they delve into the world of television where they encounter an arena where ratings can be a matter of life and death. There’s Rachel who was vying with Sheila for a New York job. Or was she? Her husband Curtis maintains Rachel would kill for Sheila’s now open position in L.A. But then Curtis has his own, very old, axe to grind with Sheila. Has their past relationship caused her demise?

Then again, Sheila’s ex-husband is in the picture as well. Newly arrived from San Diego and famous for hurling items at Sheila’s women, does Steve have his own murderous thoughts about Sheila? Aurora thinks so. However, as Sheila’s discarded lover, Aurora may have her own agenda.

Family relationships are also suspect. Henry and Francine Shelbourne had two daughters, Sheila and Natalie. Both daughters are now dead. Coincidence? Or did the secret that bound the sisters together bring both their deaths years apart?

In the midst of trying to clear Diega, the four women discover that one of them has an even better motive than Diega for wanting Sheila dead–a discovery that drives a wedge between the friends. In the meantime, new relationships develop and get in the way of their investigation. The ever-amorous Tully finds herself drawn to the enticing police detective and Felicia and Jenny are discovering each other’s charms. No one but Diega seems to realize that Relationships Can Be Murder. Then Diega, herself, becomes the target. Is she the victim of one of her own relationships or is she getting too close to the truth?

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