Scythian Fields – Part One

When you think you know what history has shown you, look at it again through another pair of eyes.

1924. For anthropologist Oksana Dimitriova, this meant delving deeper than her life and all that Russia’s university scholars had taught her. She had learned early in life that mixing science and the mystical life were something out of the ordinary, and that one didn’t express an interest in them lest one was prepared to divulge a good defense against others harsh judgments. Influenced by their ancestors, Russia and its neighboring countries were imbued with cultures that had faithfully practiced timeless beliefs. As with all such beliefs, there is always a story that strengthens the future in legendary proportion. Time shifts, and events form into place. What was once, long ago, will return again. What Oksana didn’t know was that according to the heavens, history was about to repeat itself.

With Lenin dead, Stalin’s powerful dictatorship has unfolded a cataclysmic ripple of destruction that spread across the Caucasus Mountains into Georgia. The discovery of a 4th Century B.C. priestess-warrior will take Oksana on a journey to find the warrior woman’s descendants, amid the chaos and evils of her nation’s politics. This is a tale of two women, whose lives, and the lives of those around them, are bound in synchronicity. There will always be threads of life the constellations will connect. Does it matter the events are 2,500 years apart?

“There is a strangely prevailing spirit that wants us to discover something,” said Oksana’s mentor. “I know we have found a most unnatural treasure that will transform Russian hearts, and those of the world.”



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