Redress of Grievances
by Brenda Adcock
ISBN:  978-1-932300-86-4
Format: Trade Paper,  284 pages
Cover Price: $ 19.95
Publication Date:  2007-07-10
Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises

**Recipient of a 2008 award from the Golden Crown Literary Society, the premier organization for the support and nourishment of quality lesbian literature. Redress of Grievances won in the category of Lesbian Mystery. Congratulations to Brenda Adcock! **

In the first of a series of psychological thrillers, Harriett Markham is a defense attorney in Austin, Texas, who lost everything eleven years earlier. She had been an associate with a Dallas firm and involved in an affair with a senior partner, Alexis Dunne. Harriett represented a rape/murder client named Jared Wilkes and got the charges dismissed on a technicality. When Wilkes committed a rape and murder after his release, Harriett was devastated. She resigned and moved to Austin, leaving everything behind, including her lover.

Despite lingering feelings for Alexis, Harriet becomes involved with a sex-offense investigator, Jessie Rains, a woman struggling with secrets of her own. Harriet thinks she might finally be happy, but then Alexis re-enters her life. She refers a case of multiple homicide allegedly committed by Sharon Taggart, a woman with no motive for the crimes. Harriett is creeped out by the brutal murders, but reluctantly agrees to handle the defense.

As Harriett's team prepares for trial, disturbing information comes to light. Sharon denies any involvement in the crimes, but the evidence against her seems overwhelming. Harriett is plunged into a case rife with twisty psychological motives, questionable sanity, and a client with a complex and disturbing life. Is she guilty or not? And will Harriet's legal defense bring about justice -or another Wilkes case?

**Available in both print and eBook formats.

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