Finding Gracie's Glory
by Patty Schramm
ISBN:  978-1-61929-237-6
Format: Trade Paper,  216 pages
Cover Price: $ 17.95
Publication Date:  2016-08-01
Publisher: Regal Crest Enterprises

Gracie Kato survived years of abuse at the hands of her wife. While her body has healed, but her heart and soul remain damaged.

Gracie seeks solace at her grandfather's home in the Yukon Territory of Canada. There she'll be able to work at his gold mine, named for her grandmother, Gracie's Glory. It's the perfect place for her to start over again.

Liv Templeton's heart was crushed years ago and she doesn't see any chance of recovery. She's never alone unless she wants to be, but never seeks any commitments. Instead she puts all her energy and time into running the family mining business.

From the moment they meet, Gracie and Liv's connection, physical and emotional, is obvious to them both.

Is Liv ready for a serious relationship? Even if she is, will she be able to convince Gracie to trust again? To let her soul heal?

Will Gracie open herself up to Liv? Or will she close her heart forever?

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