Martha Miller

Award-winning Midwestern writer Martha Miller is the author of seven books. Her stories, reviews, and articles are widely published. She writes a monthly column called “Martha [Lesbian] Living,” a lesbian send-up of that other, more domestic, Martha. She’s written four plays, all produced, among them Billy’s Voice, had several encore performances. She is the winner of a Raymond Carver Short Fiction Award and the Illinois Arts Council Artists Fellowship, among others, which are both academic and literary.

A mainstay in the Central Illinois writing community, Martha is a retired English Professor who loves to read and loves basketball. She lives a quiet life with her wife Ann, two dogs and a cat.

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Books Published:

Skin to Skin: Erotic Lesbian Love Stories

Nine Nights on the Windy Tree, a Bertha Brannon mystery

Dispatch to Death, a mystery

Tales from the Levee – A creative non-fiction

Retirement Plan: a Crime Story

Widow, a Bertha Brannon Mystery

Four Years: a Memoir.

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