Butch Girls Can Fix Anything

**Recipient of a 2008 award from the Golden Crown Literary Society, the premier organization for the support and nourishment of quality lesbian literature. Butch Girls Can Fix Anything won in the category of Lesbian Debut Author. Congratulations to Paula Offutt! **

Kelly Walker is known around town as the Fix-it Lady who can repair just about anything. That’s true, except for the hole in her life left by the death of her lover, Anna. Her fix-it business provides the perfect hideout as she resolves other people’s problems instead of focusing on her own shattered life.

Grace Owens, single mother, is determined to stand on her own two feet and make a fresh start for herself and her nine-year-old daughter, Lucy. Lucy has a goal of her own: she wants to master her math homework, and that is a hard task with a mother who doesn’t understand division.

The three meet under a leaky kitchen ceiling. What each has to give, the others need. They must learn when to take risks and when to trust each other. Together, can they find the tools that will allow them to fix what most needs to be rebuilt?



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